Month: August 2019

Amphibious Vehicles : In Depth 

Amphibious vehicles have been in existence as far back as the 18th century. The first known self-propelled amphibious vehicle which was a steam-powered wheeled dredging barge called Orukter Amphibolos, is believed to have been conceived in 1805 by Oliver Evans....

/ 2019-08-16

Is It Worth Claiming for Flight Delay Compensation

It is possible for you to claim flight delay compensation in many European in countries. There is no reason why you should not take advantage of this privilege when you have it available. A flight delay or rejection to board...

/ 2019-08-16

Marrakech’s eternal beauty, and un-ending prosperity.

Marrakech has always been the city that surprises us. Its countless monuments and amazing landscapes have proved that to us before. And now, Marrakech has done it again. No, it’s not one of the other Fes To Marrakech Desert Tours,...

/ 2019-08-08