“Let’s send someone else to enjoy a tropical paradise with our money.” Now try and make sense of that!

Well let me tell you it’s quite easy when that “someone else” happens to be your parents who just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! These are two people who have done so much for me, and there is nothing I wanted to do more than send them on a dream vacation of their choosing.

My parents had always mentioned the desire to visit the Dominican Republic due to its beautiful beaches, incredible landscapes and rich culture. I had never been to the Dominican Republic so I began doing a bit of research on the local culture, things to do and places to stay. Unfortunately, my search results were full of headlines like “Another American Dies in The Dominican Republic” and “Tourist deaths in Dominican Republic are sparking concern among travelers.”

I was truly shocked. The Dominican Republic had never come up on my radar in terms of safety, and all the sudden the summer was littered with negative headlines. How was I going to crush my parents dream of visiting this stunning Caribbean nation? As we now live in the age of “fake new” I began to dig further and further to see if all the sources said the same thing or perhaps it was just a campaign to gain more readership amongst the media outlets. After some serious research I found that in fact there was nothing strange occuring in the Dominican Republic. I soon discovered that the FBI was involved and found nothing out of the ordinary in their toxicology reports, and ultimately the tourist deaths were unlinked and results of natural causes. Case closed, there is no need to worry about safety in the Dominican Republic.

With the media frenzy off my mind, I could enjoy searching for the perfect destination in the Dominican Republic for my parents to spend their 40th wedding anniversary this coming November. I narrowed the search down to all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana. I want my parents to get a taste of the local culture but also have the ability to relax amongst the palm trees without a care in the world.

With the flights and hotel booked, all they need to do is pack their suitcase and enjoy a wonderful week amongst the sun, palm trees and beautiful landscapes while celebrating 40 years of unconditional love!

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