Amsterdam is one of the unique cities across the European Continent. Located near the Amstel river, there are endless opportunities for enthusiastic travelers seeking to enjoy the diverse creativity displayed in this Dutch Capital. For a first time reveler, a canal cruise will be one of the top attractions to catch your attention.

However, a canal cruise is just one among other fun-filled activities you need to look out for. From a first-hand experience, I must admit getting around Amsterdam is one of the activities I enjoyed most. This was through the city’s well-planned transport system, which is entirely defined by utmost convenience.

Why The Transport System in Amsterdam is On Another Level

Whether you plan on hopping onto public transportation, renting a bike, or perhaps a canal cruise, there’s always a guarantee of convenience. This range of transport options to choose from means the city has prioritized appropriate and safe travel for its residents more than any other thing.

For instance, the Amsterdam public transport tickets are readily available for anyone opting for public transportation. Once purchased, you can use any form of public transport as many times as you like for the allocated time ranging from an hour, day, or week.

Your Options for the Mode of Travel

There are numerous options for travel modes to choose from while in Amsterdam. For public transportation, the following are the commonly used travel modes among tourists and other city dwellers.

Bus Travel

Amsterdam has an extensive bus travel network. The network serves as a connection between the city and all its neighborhoods. It also extends to other city areas and spreading towards the outside into the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

The GVB Company, which manages the Amsterdam transport system, offers bus travelers an option to buy tickets onboard. This ticket can also be used when using another form of transport such as trams or trains. If you are new in the city, be sure to hop into one of the Connexxion buses that offer transport to and from the airport.

Train Travel

While in Amsterdam, you may want to experience life outside the city. The Amsterdam public transport system has got you covered with an option for train transportation. The nine train stations available within Amsterdam city also means you can conveniently use train transportation within the city’s confines.

The robust rail transport system also offers a connection between Amsterdam and other international destinations. This means you can travel by train from Amsterdam to other European countries such as Germany, France, and Belgium. You can either opt to buy the train tickets at the station or online.

Traveling by Tram

Though not as extensive as the bus travel, traveling by tram is another best option to move around while in Amsterdam. This transport system has close to 16 transport lines that interconnect the city’s different regions.

Trams are more like metros; however, they are more advantageous as they serve some of the city’s less notable areas. The Metros in Amsterdam are more focused on specific locations in the city.

Final Thought

When you visit Amsterdam, the least of your worries should be how you’ll move around traversing the city’s different destinations. The city’s diverse and well-managed public transport sector will guarantee you a convenience you’ve never experienced anywhere else.

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