Do you plan to visit Mallorca with your family? If that is so, you need proper accommodation for your trip. Fortunately, there are many places where you can stay in Mallorca. However, we recommend Ferienwohnung Estrenc Mallorca or a holiday home for a much more enjoyable trip with family. Renting this type of accommodation will give you and your family more freedom. Guaranteed, you will get the best time there. For that reason, we have tips on choosing the best holiday home for your trip to Mallorca.

The Size

You are traveling with your family members. Therefore, you need a holiday home that can accommodate the entire family. Therefore, we recommend you choose a big-sized holiday home. At least it should have three bedrooms. Also, choose one that also has other functional rooms, like kitchen, living room, and terrace where you can enjoy the sun of Mallorca.


The standard feature is necessary for your accommodation. It means the holiday home should have a high-speed internet connection. Wi-Fi or LAN with a flat rate is the best example of the feature on the holiday home. Find a place that also provides a working and complete set of an HVAC systems. That helps you to feel more comfortable during your stay there. If you love sunbathing, choose the place that also provides the features for that, such as beach chairs, parasols, and others.


Next, you also need to consider the location of the holiday home. Choosing a holiday home that is close to the tourist spot that you have planned to visit is a good choice. But, it could be expensive to do that. Therefore, we recommend not planning your trip to Mallorca. You can start by choosing a beautiful and comfortable holiday home. Then, you can explore its surroundings and find the adventure you need.

Other than the tourism spot, a good holiday home also should be located in a place close to various public facilities. It means it should be close to a restaurant, shopping area, or the public transportation you can use to travel between cities. So, if you want to leave Mallorca or visit another area within Mallorca, you can do it without any problem.

Best Rental Agent

The last thing you also need to consider is the holiday home rental company that provides the place. Find one that has many experiences and receives many good responses from the clients. That kind of company will give you the best service. You also most likely will avoid scams and other problems during your stay in the holiday home.


Those are several things that you should consider before you book and rent a holiday home in Mallorca. Make sure you prepare everything in detail. Do not miss anything, including the documentation that you might need for renting the holiday home. Once you did that, you will get the best vacation with your family. No need for hesitation. Find the best rental agent and get the best Ferienwohnung Estrenc Mallorca for you and your family.

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