Have you decided to explore South Africa this holiday? This is a country which has many exciting things to explore. It includes the history of South Africa to exploring the wildlife sanctuaries at Kruger to touring the garden route. It has a lot of things which you should not dare to miss anyhow. Among all the garden route tour takes to the world of penguin which makes you feel in a different world. And the Kruger national parks show the wildlife at its best. So let’s start our exploration in South Africa. One can take up a guided tour as the travelers do not always know the routes.

Explore the garden route tour with a guide

Starting with eth three days Garden route tour, departure is made from Cape Town. You need to pass beautiful mountains, Du Toit’s Kloof Mountain, Breed Valley of the wine region. Not only these, but there are also much other wine and Brandy production region which will come in the way. These wine estates can be visited to taste the heaven tasting wine. You will never forget these experiences of wine tasting from the producers.

On the second day, you can visit the Cango Caves which are a natural cave and is one of the wonders of South Africa. The calcite cave has numerous stalactites and stalagmites. Many of the local tourist places are at nearby places. You can visit them and enjoy the day here.

Next day you start for the Birds of Eden which is the largest dome of the world where a deep forest is. This forest is the home to nearly 3500 African birds and 220 species of wildlife residing at this place. The Bloukran Bungee is another adventure at this place. You can visit the Bloukran Bridge over the Bloukran River. The Tsitsikamma National Park is another place worth visit here. Finally, you reach Port Elizabeth which is known as the Friendly City of the world.

How to explore Kruger safari at best

Now another best tour in South Africa is the Kruger park safaris. If you are a wildlife lover, then you will love the Kruger safari. For the safari, it is better to check the various packages available for the Kruger safari. You can easily get the view of the African so popular elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopards, rhinos all roaming and are set free in their original place. Besides you can be lucky enough to see other species of animals too inside the safari. Also, camping at Kruger makes you feel adventurous and much exciting. They are a maximum of 4 days packages which covers many other places in and around to find out. Check them out for best deals.


Both of these most popular sight-seeing are memorable. They make your dream come true. South Africa is a place where spend holidays are memorable. They bring you very near to nature. Even some of the adventurous sports can be done at these places. But remember you should always be accompanied by a trained guide at these places. Otherwise, it can be a dangerous one too.

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