Managing a workspace is difficult to do now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees have to work from home. It affects a specific industry, such as tourism. Hotel owners have to struggle to manage their hotels. The good thing is that hotel owners can use workspace management software known as Deskflex Check the features of the software below before using it.

Point and Click Floor Maps

Working from home doesn’t mean that your employees can’t control the rooms in the hotel. This software helps to connect between employees and the workspace in front of the screen. Employees can’t only check the condition of the rooms but also manage the schedule. As a result, your hotel can still accept guests who want to rent a workspace, conference room, and parking space. The process will be more efficient and flexible. The most important thing is that employees don’t have to meet clients face to face during the epidemic. It keeps them working maximally, although they are unavailable in the hotel.

MS Outlook or MS Exchange Integration

Another difficulty to work from home is checking the reservations. You have to check the data that is available on the computer of the hotel. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that they have to quit the job. Let your employees use Deskflex to check the reservations. The feature allows you to merge important data or files with MS Outlook or MS Exchange Integration. As a result, employees can check the reservations and prepare everything to welcome the guests. This workspace management software is even ready to integrate with Outlook calendaring. This integration helps the schedule and reservation process fast and easy no matter the location of your employees. They can still accept and manage reservations and schedules for the guests.

Room Display Touchscreen

There is a case that guests or employees want to know the latest schedule right away. Employees need to do it to serve the clients with the latest info. On the other hand, guests need to know the schedule to make sure that they come on the right day, date, and time. Hotels with Deskflex can do it easily due to the room display feature. This feature helps to manage the schedule of the conference rooms, meeting rooms, or operating rooms in the hotel. Everyone who needs to know the latest schedule only has to check the screen. Employees can also customize and manage the schedule right away by touching the screen. That’s why this software is also suitable for classrooms, training rooms, and operating rooms.

Room Scheduling

Indeed, scheduling rooms regularly is important. Employees must know the empty room that is ready to use, the booked room, and the used room. The process is easier because of this software. Employees are about to use software with a room scheduling feature. They can reserve, check, or even cancel reservations for a specific workspace or conference room. The system works in real-time, so employees know the latest update right away.

So, an epidemic doesn’t mean that you have to stop the hotel to operate. Follow the health protocol and limit the way people meet face to face by using this workspace management software. They can work better than before.


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