Some kids may have a dream to touch and swim together with a dolphin. It is not only a dream anymore because Dolphin Discovery facilitates anyone who wants to get closer with dolphins. This company has a variety of programs with dolphins. Check the details below.

Dolphin Encounter Program

This program is not only for kids but also for all ages. You can bring the entire family to swim and play with dolphins. Imagine that you will have about 40 minutes to touch and play with the dolphins. You don’t need to worry because this animal is one of the friendliest on earth. They also pass-through training and get used to humans.

Swim Adventure

Have you ever imagined playing and swimming with a dolphin? Now, you can do it. You can even hold the fins and let this mammal direct you. This program gives you an unforgettable experience to get intimate with dolphins for about 50 minutes.

Royal Swim

It is another great program by Dolphin Discovery you can try. You have 60 minutes to play with the dolphins. This program allows you to touch 2 adorable dolphins. The experience you will get is including foot push, dorsal tow, kisses, hand target, hugs, and caring.

Other Things to Enjoy

You can’t only play with dolphins but also sea lions. Los Cabos also has fantastic scenery. Explore the city before or after playing with the dolphins. For example, take your time with your beloved family to enjoy the beauty of Puerto Los Cabos Marina. The place is only 25 minutes from Cabo San Lucas and the Dolphin Discovery. The location also has a stunning colonial atmosphere, white sand beaches, and arches. You can enjoy the place at night. The nightlife in this area is so fantastic.


Dolphin Discovery receives several trusted certifications. The certifications show that this company follows the rule and safety standards in taking care of the dolphins and offering people to meet these cute mammals. The certifications are including Trip Advisor, UN Environment, Alliance, IMATA, IAAPA, and many more. The professional team helps you to prepare the equipment and the safest way to interact with the dolphins. As a result, you and the dolphins are comfortable even if it is your first-time meeting.

The Way to Book the Ticket

Book the ticket a few days before and get extra benefits. Check and use the online booking form. Fill the box with the program you want to take, the date, the number of people who come, and schedule. Dolphin Discovery offers exclusive discounts for those who reserve tickets four days in advance.

So, visit Dolphin Discovery if you have a plan to have a memorable holiday experience with your beloved family. The reservation process is easy and fast. You will also play with the dolphins by wearing safety gear. You will be happy to meet the friendly dolphins and can’t wait to meet them again soon. The most important thing is that your dream to touch and play with dolphins finally come true.

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