Florida is a popular travel destination for many people. Whether they’re wanting to visit Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, or one of Florida’s many beaches, there is something for everyone in the Sunshine State.

The Florida Keys are full of exciting activities and beautiful scenery that everyone in your family will enjoy. They are a string of islands that stretch off the tip of Florida, making up the southernmost part of the continental U.S.

Figuring out the best time to visit the Florida Keys is important as you want to avoid when there’ll be a lot of people, as well as hurricane season.

If you’re looking to make the Florida Keys your next vacation spot, read on for more information on when to visit, things to do, and places to explore.

The Best Time to Visit the Florida Keys

People often think of going to visit Florida in the winter months when the temperature is mild and they want to escape the cold weather where they live. Unfortunately, you and everyone else has the same idea. There are more crowds and higher prices during the winter months in the Florida Keys.

Peak season is considered from mid-December until April. If you don’t want to visit the Florida Keys for a specific event or to have a mild Christmas, avoid going during that time.

During the middle of summer, the heat can get very stifling. As it starts to cool down, hurricane season arrives.

Between March and May is the ideal time to visit the Florida Keys. Going during that time lands you between the peak tourist and hurricane season. The weather is pleasurable as well. You’ll find the high to be low 70s to 80s with not a lot of rainy days.

Prices, including hotels and airfare, will be low during this time since it’s not the peak time to visit. You’ll find even better deals between June and October, but that’s because it’s hurricane season. If you want to avoid the storms and people, visit between March and May.

Things to Do in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are made up of five areas: Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine Key and the Lowers Keys, and Key West. No matter what place you plan to visit in the Florida Keys, or even if you want to see them all, there is something for everyone.

  1. Key Largo

Key Largo is the first island you come across after a 60-minute drive from the Miami airport. You can scuba dive, snorkel, and sport fish. Since it is located by the Everglades National Park backcountry, you can explore trails and a wild bird rehabilitation center.

Check out the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park to experience a snorkeling trip like no other. There are countless underwater sea creatures and a number of shipwrecks for you to see. The Dolphin Research Center is the place to learn about dolphins and sea lions. Even swim with the dolphins!

  1. Islamorada

The village of Islamorada is made up of five separate islands. It is the halfway point from the mainland of Florida to Key West. Islamorada is known as the sportfishing capital of the world. One popular place to check out is the Theater of the Sea. It has interactive exhibits that will allow you to interact with dolphins and sea turtles.

If lounging on the beach is more your style, go look for a hidden sandbar. Relax in your beach chair while dipping your toes directly into the gentle water. Make sure you check the tide schedule before you go as you don’t want to suddenly need to swim back to shore.

  1. Marathon

Marathon boasts some of the similar attractions that the other towns in the Florida Keys offer, but it is also known for the Seven Mile Bridge. It connects Knight’s Key, which is part of Marathon, to Little Duck Key, which is included in the Lower Keys. When it was built in 1912, it was one of the longest bridges at that time.

The perfect way to get a bird’s eye view of this impressive structure is to take a helicopter tour. You will get to see the bridge from a sky view, as well as the lighthouse. If you’re looking to find out more information, visit this link: https://www.ultimate-helitours.com/tours/25-60-minute-tours/seven-mile-bridge-lighthouse-tour/

  1. Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys

Big Pine Key is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Florida Keys: Bahia Honda State Park. It is comprised of two separate beach areas. One of them looks out upon the ocean and the other beach’s view is an old railroad bridge. You can snorkel, camp, or just relax in this gorgeous destination.

The National Key Deer Refuge was established in 1957 and it is home to the miniature-sized Key deer. It is a subspecies of the whitetail deer and they only grow to be the same size as a small dog.

Visit this location to see a unique animal.

  1. Key West

Duval Street is one of the most popular attractions in Key West. It is filled with restaurants and shops—the perfect place to end a busy day of sightseeing. There are many festivals held in this area each year, including the Hemingway Days Festival. Ernest Hemingway lived here for almost 10 years and you can visit his former home.

Bring the family to the Key West Aquarium to see an assortment of local marine life. You will not only see pufferfish, angelfish, and snappers but large tanks with sharks and barracuda as well. The sharks are also fed throughout the day, so for those who are brave enough, ask to touch one of the juvenile sharks.

Pack Your Bags

It is never too early to start planning your vacation and now that you know when the best time to visit the Florida Keys is, you can add that as an upcoming trip. For those who love marine life, natural trails, snorkeling, and beaching, the Florida Keys offer an array of activities to keep everyone in your family happy.

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