When you have to travel from Vancouver to Hong Kong, an average direct flight time of 13 hours and 15 minutes to cover a distance of 10,253 kilometers being possessive about your seat in a plane is obvious. No doubt that a good airline like Cathay Pacific helps you to make the most out of your travel and offers the best possible facilities for business class, first-class, and even the economy class. In addition to it, you can get exclusive offers for exciting destinations also. For further information see https://www.cathaypacific.com/destinations/en_CA/flights-from-vancouver-to-hong-kong

Starting a 13 hours flight in the face and saying ‘just do it’ selecting your seat on the plane can actually make a difference between a one that has your eye-rolling the emergency door handle or a ride with fun and relaxation. Here is an overview of economy class seats and their advantages and disadvantages:

 Aisle Seat:

Aisle seats are ideal for long-distance flights when you really want to stretch your legs and want to stand up for a walk or to use the lavatory. Be alert for the beverage cart when sitting in an aisle seat because you may get a bump in the knee or elbow.

Bulk Head Seat:

The seats in the very first row of each section on a plane, separated by lavatories or galleys, provide you real freedom. There is no tension about others reclining into your lap, and you can easily get to the aisle without disturbing other passengers, even sitting at the window seat. But here is less room to stretch your legs.

Exit Row Seat:

These seats also have the possibility of no one sitting in front of you, and you can easily move around. Exit Row seats generally have more legroom than first-class or premium seats. Be aware these seats may not recline if there is an exit row behind you.

Middle Seat:

No one dares to choose a middle position, especially when anyone traveling solo. It is bearable only when you go with a companion and can exchange it with your partner from time to time. The only advantage you have of the middle seat is that there is an unwanted rule that the middle seat gets both armrests.

Window Seat:

Window seats are perfect in many ways. You sit against the wall, can nod off pretty quickly, can also enjoy a sky view upon departure and arrival, and above all, there is no tension of being stuck in between two passengers. The only downside is that you have to either wait for other passengers to get up or bother them each time you need to use the lavatory or want to walk to stretch your legs.

Pay for the right seat:

If comfort is important to you on long route flights, paying for a premium seat or an upgrade might be a good idea. The desired seats may cost you some extra money, but it is sometimes worth paying for, especially if you have a long flight.

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