There are a lot of things to enjoy in Venezia. One of them is getting the sensation of riding a water taxi Venezia service. You are about to feel an excitement that you never felt before. Read the details below to know why a water tax service is special.

Water Taxi Specifications 

A water taxi is a luxury water transportation in Venezia. This vehicle is made of high-quality wood material. The material makes this boat durable, stylish, and comfortable. A water taxi can deliver from 10 to 32 passengers. The design allows the passengers of the boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the route.


A water taxi Venezia is ready to transfer passengers from or to Venice Marco Polo Airport. You can also use this boat to go to a certain island within Venice. Do you want to ride this boat to feel the sensation and enjoy the beauty of the scenery? If it is so, you can take the excursions and arrangements service. This boat will transfer you between Murano, Burano, the islands of Venice, and the Grand Canal.


The water taxi cost varies depending on the route. Let’s say you want to go to Santa Lucia Station from Venice. You only have to pay €70. It is the same cost if you are from or to Piazzale Rome in San Marco or Rialto. The cost is a little bit expensive if you are from or to Murano. This service costs €90. Are you a traveler who is staying in a hotel in Venice? You can go to the port from your hotel. The cost from the hotel to the port with a water taxi is €100. The cost is different if you need assistance, a car, van, or boat. For example, you are from the Port of Venice. You want to go to the hotel with assistance. If it is so, you need to spend €120. You have to spend up to €150 if you want to use a car, van, and boat.

The Service Areas 

Travelers can use this water taxi service by visiting several places. This service is ready to transfer you from or to Venice Airport, Treviso Airport, and Verona Airport. You can also find this service on Piazzale Roma, Piazza dei Signori, Piazza Bra, Viale Venezia, Piazzale Stazione, and many more.

Where To Find the Information 

You can go to its official website, Green Shuttle 24. This website explains everything you need to know about the water taxi service in Venezia. You will get detailed information about the routes, starting points, endpoints, and costs. It is also the place to find out the phone number and the way to transfer the cost if you want to use a water taxi Venezia service.

Now, there is a new thing to do when you are traveling to Venice. Don’t forget to try a Water taxi Venezia if you go there. At least, the information above gives you a little bit of information about the way to use a water taxi when you are exploring Venice.


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