Myanmar has always been known as having a mystical atmosphere and magical lands and this in not only because of the large number of temples situated there, but because of the view and the surroundings situated there. Every year, balloons are flying over the city with tourists and soar over the ancient pagodas offering them amazing panoramic views. Usually these kind of trips start in October and end somewhere at the middle of march or april, because the cold air in the morning make the balloon able to float closer to the ancient city and have a detailed view of it.

If you are willing to book a Myanmar balloon, you should do this for sure with at least one month before the date of your trip because the free spots are filling up quickly and it’s a pity to visit the city and not having the possibility to feel this wonderful experience in the air. Also, if you are a social media passionate, the Instagram will be also amazed of the astonishing views with other 20 balloons floating in the air shortly after dawn of in the morning. Also for photography passionate, the view is a spectacle which will make some art pieces when they are captured.

With some good luck, you can make the trip in November when there is a balloon festival and the view is just breathtaking. And this is because there is a large number of balloons in different colors and shapes floating in the air and having fireworks attached to them and thrown in the air.

Having a weel trained staff, the journey in the air will be a smooth one because they know how to explain what rules you need to follow and how you should fight you pre-trip nerves and anxiety if this is the case. At the end of the trip local people are waiting for the tourists with champagne and some croissants to make their experience even a better one.

In the ending, if you are that kind of curious tourists and you like adventures, Myanmar is for sure the best place to go on holiday and have this amazing experience in the air.

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