Do you want to feel a new experience on your next holiday? How about joining private luxury airboat tours? If you want to try it, register yourself at Before that, you should learn what kind of trip an airboat tour is.

About Airboat Tours

An airboat tour is a trip using a high-performance machine boat to travel around a specific area. You will comfortably sit on comfortable vinyl seats. A professional and experienced captain will drive the airboat.

A professional and experienced captain means that he knows exactly the location, so he can guide his clients to enjoy fantastic scenery all around. For example, Airboat in Everglades service leads its clients to explore the beauty of the Florida Everglades.

Types of Airboat Tours You Can Join offers five different types of airboat tours, which are a semi-private airboat tour, a one-hour private airboat tour, a 1.5-hour private airboat tour, a two-hour private airboat tour, and the sunset and night-time tours.

Semi-Private Airboat Tour

The semi-private airboat private tour is an economic tour. You are about to explore 8 miles of the Florida Everglades. During the exploration, you may meet wild animals, including alligators, birds, and turtles. This tour is using a small airboat for at least 11 passengers. It is okay for children around 6 years old to 12 years old.

1-Hour Private Airboat Tour

The 1-hour private airboat tour brings you to enjoy an 8-miles route around the Florida Everglades. You are about to ride a small and open airboat, so you can enjoy the wildlife maximally. It is okay to bring snacks or drinks while sitting on the airboat. The team only serves ice and water in the airboat.

1.5 Hour Private Air Tour

It is one of the popular tour packages at Airboat in Everglades. This tour brings you to feel the experience of exploring a 13-miles route around the Florida Everglades. The longer the trip, the more species you will see. Be careful because all species you see during the trip are originally wild. The team doesn’t use cages or tanks. It looks challenging for people who love to increase adrenaline by exploring extreme places.

2 Hours Private Airboat Tour

Take the 2 hours private airboat tour if you want a longer tour. You will explore up to 17 miles of the Florida Everglades. It is a great chance to enjoy the beautiful sounds and fantastic views, and take some pictures.

The Sunset and Night Time Tours

Do you want to feel a more extreme experience? The sunset and night-time tours can be your best option. In a wild area, everything is not the same during the day and night. Imagine the sensation of riding an airboat and exploring the Florida Everglades at night.

Check the complete information and book your best tour at Then, enjoy the trip and share your experience with others.

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