Amphibious vehicles have been in existence as far back as the 18th century. The first known self-propelled amphibious vehicle which was a steam-powered wheeled dredging barge called Orukter Amphibolos, is believed to have been conceived in 1805 by Oliver Evans. Since then these amphibious vehicles have evolved from armoured vehicles to leisure vehicles you can drive around for fun.

Amphibious vehicles are vehicles that move on both land and water. Amphibious driving is exhilarating  as you are in no way limited by nature and its terrains.

Types Of Amphibious Vehicles And How They Work

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to picking an amphibious vehicle. These various vehicles also have different mechanisms that make them suitable for both water and land movement. They include:

  • The Water Car Panther

The water car is best for moving fast on water. With a speed of up to 44mph, the water car is one of the fastest moving amphibious vehicles combining both visual design and functionality.

A patented transfer facility which allows power to shift from the engine to the panther pump jet propels the water car panther in the same way a watercraft moves. The presence of a hydraulic system also contributes to its ability to move on water as it retracts the vehicle’s wheels above the hull, allowing it to glide on water.

Its hull uses foam filling extensively to maximise its buoyancy and is made of lightweight fiberglass. It’s chassis and suspension system allow for smooth travel over rough roads as well as waves when on water. Covered in marine vinyl coating, the water panther can be driven on both salt and freshwater. On land it moves just like other four wheeled vehicles with a manual gear transmission with four speeds. Its engine has 300 horsepower and it can move up to 80mph on regular roads. It’s 26-gallon gas tank allows it cover as many as 160 miles.

  • Amphibious Quad Jet Ski

The amphibious jet ski is a statement piece. On water, it is very stable as it uses the most stable platform and lateral stability, allowing it to be correctly manoeuvred. Its hull is lightweight and buoyant. Once you move from roads to the sea, its wheels are retracted upwards and sideways.

It can go for as far as 45 miles and is compact and light. Its aluminum and stainless steel body makes it durable and water resistant. On land, it functions just the same way as an average four-wheeled land motorbike would.

  • The Terra Wind Amphibious RV

This RV performs just as effectively on any terrain, whether water or road. Maintaining the sleek exterior and spacious interior of RVs, the amphibious RV allows you to enjoy your vacation without nature acting as a barrier.

Going at 7 knots as a watercraft, the amphibious RV possess a state-of-the-art navigation facilities such as GPS, a computer docking station as well as a moving map that lets you know your precise location.

Its interior, like other RVs, possesses all arrangements to allow you to be comfortable during your travel. With even more modern facilities such as a washing machine, a cooker as well as a strategically positioned dock, the amphibious vehicle makes your road trip even more exciting.

  • Aquada High-Speed Amphibious Vehicle

Aquada amphibious vehicles are delicate and functional. They are spacious and comfortable. One of the fastest amphibious cars on land, these vehicles go as fast as 100mph on land and as fast as 35mph on water. It transforms in as little as four seconds from a land vehicle to a watercraft. With a powerful V6 engine with about 175 horsepower, it takes a mere 8.5 seconds for this vehicle to get from 0 to 60mph.

Its automatic sensors only allow the driver to push the transformation button once it detects enough water for the vehicle to float thus preventing the risks associated with accidental transformation.

  • The WaterCar Python

The corvette-based engine of the WaterCar Python makes it highly demanded by amphibious car lovers. It has a fast time from 0-60mph on land as well as a 60mph top speed on water. The WaterCar Python is both a land and water sports car.

Tips on Choosing an Amphibious Vehicle

Before deciding to buy an amphibious vehicle, there are several factors to be considered to ensure that you make the right choice. Here are a few factors to be considered when buying an amphibious vehicle:

  • Budget:

When choosing an amphibious vehicle, you should consider just how much you can afford and are willing to spend. Some of these vehicles are highly priced so you have to be sure of just how much you intend to spend. As such, do a little research on the vehicle you have in mind to help with drawing up a budget.

  • Tracks:

The set of wheels you intend to get is also important. Amphibious vehicles can also be broadly classified into two; those that travel on a Hovercraft and those that do not. Many amphibious vehicles are designed to allow for off-road and all-terrain navigation. Often times, they are not merely focused on just water or land but also on snow, marsh, mud and so on. This is why some vehicles come with tracks alongside their wheels or even tracks instead of wheels.

  • Type:

There are various types of amphibious vehicles, and your choice should be dependent on how you intend to use it as well as the number of people to be conveyed. You can choose between a jet ski bike, a water car and even an RV depending on your needs.

  • Engine:

The engine of the vehicle you intend to buy also matters, especially as you will be driving this vehicle on water. Hence, you have to choose a vehicle with a powerful engine if you will be driving over thick muddy water. Your vehicle’s capability is also essential, just how fast it can go, how much fuel it needs to go each mile to prevent your vehicle from dying while you are on water.

While they were first created as a piece of military machinery, amphibious vehicles have grown to be owned and loved as leisure vehicles and are highly valued due to the unmatched possibilities they allow for travel, relaxation and sports.

Amphibious vehicles have and will always remain one of mankind’s most outstanding innovations. These unique swimming cars have been around for a while but they continue to entertain and enthrall their users. Vehicle lovers around the world do not seem to grow tired of them and the benefits they provide.

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