Italian is widely growing in popularity. Perhaps it is because of the romantic sound of its words, perhaps for professional reasons. But one thing is for sure: if you are planning on visiting “the Boot”, learning italian can really improve your holiday. And on many levels.

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and its history is one of the richest ever. Not surprisingly, it has the most UNESCO world heritage sites on earth.

Cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence or Naples have long been dreamed by everyone and their celebrity is well deserved. They are splendid evidence of breathtaking landscapes, amazing monuments and elite cuisine. However, Italy is a very diverse country, with differences that are rooted in every region and that become extreme when we refer to the comparison between north and south. They all have their traditions, their own cultural heritage, their typical dishes. And, perhaps surprisingly, they all have their own dialects such as sicilian or tuscan italian.

In such a diverse context, in which people and their habits make a difference, the only true, authentic way to become part of this magical atmosphere is to learn italian, at least a bit. Being able to communicate with the locals, discuss with them about food, about the places they love is a unique experience. It makes you live Italy, not just visit it. Knowing at least the basics will help you in unveiling the romance and the mysteries of this country and will make your holiday unforgettable.

The country with the most UNESCO world heritage sites on earth. That is how we defined Italy when we started this article. And from painting to architecture, from literature to music, “the Boot” is probably the place most linked to art and culture. Knowing italian will help you understand the origins and the influences of some of the greatest artists you have ever encountered. Going to Florence without understanding the unparalleled beauty of the Divine Comedy’s language is not a small loss. Going to Opera or a classical music concert without understanding the lyrics is a half pleasure. Trying a new, characteristic restaurant and experience their dishes without knowing the meaning of their names won’t give you the perception of their characters. When you are eating the “spaghetti all’arrabbiata”, you are literally eating “angry spaghetti”. And once you know it, you will taste it as well.

The locals’ lifestyle and character, the great artists’ way of communicating, the food’s identity. If you are willing to go to Italy for you next holiday and you are looking for a true experience, italian is your business card.

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