1. Skip the airport

Make sure, you are not renting at the airport when you’re flying into a new city. You can hire a transport at some local agent from Delhi.

We find out some total travel percentage rates in March for a Memorial Day visit to India, Oregon. An economy rental from local agent is 1500 INR per day if you pick it up downtown. The same car is more than 2800 INR per day if you pick it up at the airport. Plus you’ll pay a 500 INR per day “Customer Facility Charge” and 10% “Concession Recovery Fee” for renting at the airport.

All told, you’d save roughly more than 6500 INR over your three-day weekend in India just by renting from somewhere other than the airport. This isn’t the case in every city, though. You’ll pay nearly the same price renting at Mumbai’ Shivaji International Airport as you would at an off-airport location.

Price out car rental in delhi locations in the city and compare to what you can get at the airport. Make sure you factor in the cost of a taxi or car rental to and from your rental location if you rent at a location away from the airport. And take into account time lost to traffic in a city like India.

2. Shop around online

Look at sites like Real Tours India, Tempo Travellers, carrentalindiadelhi.com and Car Hire in Delhi to Car On Rent in Delhi compare your options and narrow in on the best deal.

Then go directly to the Car Rental Company in Delhi site. You might find an even steeper discount that way, particularly with “Pay On Arrival” options. Just keep in mind that rentals paid in advance are typically nonrefundable that’s why try Car Rental India Delhi.

Even after you book, keep shopping, you can cancel your reservation if you find a better price.

3. Seek out cheap rental cars

Real Tours India, Tempo Travellers and Car Rental India aren’t the only outfits in town. Discount brands like Advantage, Payless, Thrifty and INR Rental are also vying for your business, often at a lower rate than big-name rental companies.

On a given day, our research showed that the lowest-priced rental from Advantage, INR and the like was at least 650 INR cheaper than the cheapest premium brand rental, depending on the city. That savings multiplies over longer trips.

4. Opt for economy cars

Economy cars are typically the cheapest, and therefore the most likely to be booked. You can use this to your advantage with a family finance expert.

“When renting a car, I reserve the smallest car, most affordable vehicle possible, knowing there’s a chance it won’t be on the lot and I’ll get an improve.

Just don’t book something that’s too small for your party or you could be stuck cramming five people plus luggage book Toyota Innova Car, Ten people plus luggage book Tempo Traveller & 18 people plus luggage book Luxury mini bus. Not exactly the cozy vacation you had in mind, is it?

5. Stick to one driver

Most rental car companies will charge you a daily fee to add an extra driver. That fee is typically 500 INR per day with Enterprise and Indian Car Rental India Delhi and 500 per day with Budget and Real Tours India, but can vary by location.

There are ways to dodge the fee, though. Some companies, such as Enterprise, waive the additional driver fee for a spouse or domestic partner, but you both need to have the same address on your driver’s licenses.

Budget will also waive the fee for co-workers who are traveling together, so long as they rent under their employers’ corporate account.

Posted by Dwayne K. Kelley