There are simple ways to save money at the dispensary if your weed habit is constantly draining your bank account.

Some people expected that quality cannabis would become more affordable as more states legalized recreational marijuana use. But the opposite has been true in many cases. You don’t have to sacrifice your savings if you are a smart buyer. There are many ways that you can still enjoy your favorite pastime.

  1. Grow your own cannabis

The best way to save money on cannabis is to grow your own.

You will need to purchase the fans, filters, nutrients, lights, and other equipment required to run a home-grown operation. However, most of these items can be one-time investments that pay off quickly.

  1. Bulk Orders

You’ll spend more money if you don’t buy as much cannabis. It’s best to buy bulk cannabis if you have the means.

It’s not uncommon to find something like this on a dispensary menu.

You might not be able to see the substantial price difference per kilogram if you don’t do the math.

This is the only condition: only purchase as much cannabis as you can eat. Cannabis can usually keep fresh for six months to one year under ideal conditions. You should only buy as much cannabis as you can eat within the time limit.

  1. Enjoy Deals with Dispensaries and Clubs

You can also save money by comparing the offers offered by local dispensaries or websites.

To find out about daily deals, call ahead or visit the dispensary website. Dispensaries update their discount offerings regularly based on new brand highlights, surplus products, and upcoming expirations.

Check to see if your local dispensary offers a club or points system. Many dispensaries offer points for loyal customers that can be used to exchange for certain items or cash.

Pre-rolls at a discount are available. Many dispensaries will remove older flowers from shelves and repackage them in pre-rolls.

Join a cannabis social group. Private cannabis clubs may be allowed in your state. This could allow you to get discounts on premium products. Many social clubs own their cultivation facilities and are not subject to the same taxation as public dispensaries.

Online shopping. To save money on your order, you can use coupons for products that can be sent by mail.

It is always best to obtain a card if you are a patient who has a valid medical need for cannabis. Patients often enjoy discounts when they purchase cannabis products from a dispensary that isn’t subjected to the same excise tax as recreational users.

  1. Mix Weed with Tobacco and Other Herbs

Finding ways to make your cannabis go further is one of the easiest ways to save money. Smokers make spliffs, which can be described as joints with cannabis and tobacco.

Your options go beyond rolling papers. Mixing cannabis and tobacco can be done in a pipe or bowl, bong, bong, hookah, or bong. You can also dip your tobacco cigarettes in cbd oil for vape purpose.

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