Games and casino development is a very complicated process. It is time-consuming even for the professional to complete the whole cycle of bringing the idea to life. Developers should follow a lot of engineering principles to create games effectively. Even basic stuff can be very frustrating.

As an example, while playing 3D-person games, the player will often see a lot of doors with chambers filled with items. At first, it might look like pretty basic stuff that all developers are capable to create, but the creation of a door transition is one of the hardest things about games development.

Each element of the game should be properly implemented. Otherwise, it may become a real problem for everyday players, who just want to enjoy the game, but they are not able to do that, due to a number of glitches and bugs.

Principles of casino games development

Digital slot machines being developed with a simple idea – they should present gambling in the best possible light. First of all, they should simulate the experience of real-life slots. To make it possible, developers are working hard on each element of the game, including the art. It is important to create a good feeling for each player. The background should be exciting and colorful, to make sure that everyone will be able to enjoy it in full scale, no matter what gadget they are willing to use.

Not all slot machines should use 2D art, as experienced software engineers are able to create three-dimensional models that would work perfectly not only on PC but also on Android and iOS devices. It is great to see that modern PM Tech allowing big online casinos to perfectly present games from famous providers without any problems with stability and performance. There should be no more problems with the implementation of third-party software.

Developers should think not only about backgrounds and characters but also about basics, like symbols on the reels. They should be recognizable and easy to remember, as the main task for each player is to combine these symbols in the appropriate way to make sure that each bet will give the maximum profit.

What technologies are popular?

To create a slot machine in the modern era, software engineers are trying to choose the web tech that would allow them to present the game on most platforms. Thanks to such technologies, like HTML5, Java, JavaScript, C#, and Swift it becomes really easy to provide the content for all major platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Most web-based games are built with JS, as it is handy and does not have strict requirements for the hardware.

When it comes to video games development, it is important to wisely choose the engine to build the project. The most popular solutions are Unity and Unreal Engine, as they produce a high-quality image with a low cost in terms of development time. What is even more impressive, these engines can be used for slot games as well. There are a lot of popular software kits for gambling games development:

  • Phaser and Construct 3 for web games;
  • Fusion and Corona for mobile games;
  • Unity and Unreal Engine 4 for Desktop, Web, and Mobile games.

By finding an experienced software engineer for the online casino, the company can be sure – everything will be good with the online catalog of games. As they will have a good art style, satisfying gameplay, and accessibility on all major platforms.

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