Business trips are an integral part of the American corporate culture. Every day in the US, thousands of business trips take place, and with the rise in mobile bookings, millennials are leading the pack. While business travel has its benefits (change of scenery and expensed meals, to name a few), it also puts tremendous stress on a worker’s daily routine. If you’re planning a business trip to the Grapevine area, follow these tips to stay on top of the game.

Use Collaboration and Productivity Tools

Today’s world is a connected one, and there are plenty of tools to help on-the-go businesspeople stay up to date. For instance, collaborative tools like Google’s G Suite can help you stay in the loop and organized. Apps such as Streak and Hubdoc make it easy to track expenses and follow up with clients. Finally, a good productivity planner will keep you accountable during your trip.

Outsource When Possible

No one can do it all, and business travelers are no exception. Hiring a virtual assistant or a contractor may help you outsource the most important tasks. If you’ve got pressing engagements at your local office, arrange to have those handled while you’re in Grapevine so you can focus on your goals for the trip.

Leverage Your Downtime

When you’ve got an unexpected break in your schedule, whether it’s a long layover or a sudden sightseeing expedition, it’s important to use your time wisely. For example, editing photos, catching up on important reading, or answering emails during your downtime will help you save time during busier days.

Keep a To-Do List

Before getting to your hotel, make a must-do list. Creating a checklist of things to do before leaving, and things that must be done while you’re on your trip will help you retain a feeling of control. Most of today’s to-dos are dependent on technology, and the meeting rooms at

The Hyatt Place Dallas/Grapevine is the perfect spot for business travelers. With free Wi-Fi and adequate workspaces, the hotel is ideal for any business traveler.

Stick to a Routine

If you’re naturally an early riser, don’t use your business trip as a reason to sleep late; after all, that’s what weekends are for. Set firm boundaries as far as working and off hours are concerned, and strive to maintain them. With a scheduled wake-up call at our Hyatt Place Dallas/Grapevine, you’ll awake rested and ready to tackle the day.

Protect Your Health

Though unlimited food and open bars are quite tempting, it’s best to avoid them when you’re traveling for business. Unhealthy drinking and eating habits make you feel tired and can affect your level of discipline. If you’re trying to maintain your fitness routine on the road, morning is a great time to do it. The longer you wait to go to the hotel’s gym, the easier it is to make excuses. If the gym isn’t your style, the Dallas/Grapevine area has plenty of sights to see and things to do. Get outside and start exploring.

In Closing

Whether it’s your professional or personal life, the most important parts of productivity are staying disciplined and planning ahead. Find strategies that work for your career and your lifestyle, and keep holding yourself accountable. A failure to plan is a plan for failure, but effective time management is a plan for success.

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