When traveling to Egypt, the first thing that would come to mind is desert. However, the Egyptian desert is a lot different from others; here, the travelers get an opportunity to enjoy the mixture of both the ancient and the contemporary cultures. This amalgamation of culture gives a new horizon to explore.

In this article, we would discuss the not-so-known extraordinary travel opportunities in Egypt. Being a regular traveler, you might plan about the main attractions in Egypt, but those who are the real code brokers will find the best entertainment in Egypt.

Egypt is a cultural hub for the middle east, and those who want to explore the desert culture in a single trip should visit Egypt.

Egyptian cuisine

Just like Egypt, Egyptian breakfast is also extremely incredible. An authentic Egyptian breakfast does not sound like a heavy meal; however, it is a huge meal that can energize for the whole day.

It will include fava beans, boiled eggs, cheese, fries, and a few fresh vegetables. All these things are served with the Baladi bread, a traditional variant of the Arab bread.

Another fantastic thing from Egyptian cuisine is the Khusari, which is a rare and exotic snack meal. It includes pasta, sometimes rice, with vinegar and tomato sauce.

Nile cruising

Egypt and Nile are two inseparable entities. The Egyptian civilizations bloomed at the Nile riverbank, so when in Egypt, it is compulsory to visit the custodian of Egyptian cultures, the Nile.

You can ask your travel agent to book a three day long Egyptian Nile cruise. You can travel and get a glimpse of all developed cities besides the Nile bank. In a standard Egypt Nile cruise, you will go through Luxor, Cairo, and Aswan.

 Dive in the red sea

If you are a swimmer, who wants to discover the ocean life under the dark blue waters. Then the red sea can make your dream come true. The blue hole, the Jackson Reef, and shark reefs are some of the best places for scuba diving in Egypt.

Sandboarding in Egypt

Near Siwa oasis, the Egyptian tourism authorities have specified this space, where you can jump off and surf in the sand. It sounds a bit disturbing, but those who are energetic and want to live every moment there must try sand surfing.

The ancient sites

The Egyptian Pyramids and the oasis at Cairo’s peripheral areas are the main tourist sites in Egypt. Almost every traveler comes to Egypt to explore them; however, many go back home without learning much.

When you are traveling through an Egypt travel agency, ask them to provide you with a local travel guide who has a certificate or diploma in cultural and historical studies. This way, you will able to understand ancient Egyptian culture more accurately.

Go to the bazaars

If you are coming from a developed state, then you need to visit the standard Egypt bazaars. They would give you an exclusive environment of those bazaars that you have seen in the animated forms only, such as in Aladdin.

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