El gouna city is great diving and seafront location where you can enjoy deep diving and water sports.

Hurghada Excursions prices and last offer  El Gouna Excursions from our trips and tours, enjoy with us when play with dolphin in  el gouna red sea.

The resort is located in Hurghada on the Red Sea coast. The resort dates back to 1990. El Gouna is located 22 km north of Hurghada International Airport and is 470 km from Cairo.

There are many main beaches in the village of El Gouna; the tourist village has many water channels. Each villa, chalet or chalet in the village of El Gouna has its own private beach. Most of these channels have small stone bridges to facilitate movement around El Gouna.

There are also three major central areas in El Gouna with houses, shops, shopping areas, bars, restaurants and night clubs, the Town Town area, the Tamar Hanah Square area and the Marina Abu Tig area.

The village of El Gouna hosted international golf competitions organized by Fred Cobbles, who carried the number one ranking in the game.

Trip to El Gouna red sea tourist village:

If you are looking for rest and relaxation and spend the Wick End amidst the beautiful nature and golden sun, you will not find a better place than El Gouna Resort, as there are plenty of fun places to visit.

Al Gouna’s attractions are spacious and tranquil. You can see the world markets and luxury resorts, while hotels in El Gouna are among the most luxurious hotels in the world.

The activities you can do in El Gouna hurghada:

Many activities can be carried out in the tourist village of El Gouna, which include:

  • Skydiving in El Gouna: Paragliding is a great experience that cannot be missed while taking a holiday in the Red Sea resort of El Gouna. During that trip, the boat will pull you over the stunning coral reefs. The water is clear and pure in this area of the Red Sea, so you can see the fish swimming under the water.
  • Diving: where El Gouna takes an excellent location on the Red Sea coast, which makes clear, clear water a good opportunity for snorkelling, or swimming.
  • Enjoy an enjoyable nightlife: El Gouna has a lot of fun activities, which can be done through a number of bars and nightclubs.

Golfing: There are many golf courses, which are the favorite sport for many Europeans and Egyptians alike.

Restaurants and shopping in El Gouna egypt:

There are 67 restaurants in El Gouna, which are known for their excellent food, especially in the Italian Quarter. The restaurant program usually includes live concerts, dance shows, food and drinks.

Dolphin House in El Gouna:

It is a diving site with a huge number of dolphins, where you can dive with the Ptolemaic dolphins or see the unique coral reefs that fill the place as well as turtles and coral gardens.

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