Really nice attractions known by some tourism experts

North Carolina should be highly regarded as a tourism center among the other great places that the United States has for their visitors. It has some places that do not exist in the rest of the country and should have more recognition. Due to this issue, it is easy to find a cheap flight to North Carolina if you know how to look for it. But hurry up, probably it wouldn’t be this way for much more time.


North Carolina is known for having plenty of waterfalls around the state. You can visit them all in order to have a relaxing experience with mountains, forest and water although there are a large number of them that are still undiscovered since they are really hidden. Some of the most known could be the Mingo falls, Linville Gorge or Hickory Nut. A little recommendation if you are having plans to stop over them: prepare for a long walk.


In Biltmore is located Vanderbilt mansion, a house that holds a national record: ¡Is the biggest private house in the United States! The house measures more than the imposing amount of 8000 acres. It has 250 rooms, a huge collection of artworks, antiques and architecture, a massive variety of flowers in each garden, some swimming pools, a private forest and a deer park. It also has many places to have lunch and dinner.

Battleship North Carolina

A piece of the US`s history is here available to be visited by tourists. It used to be the biggest battleship in the world when it was sent to the Second World War in 1941 together with other 10 ships. Nowadays, it is no longer functional so it has become an interesting place for visitors. They can see and walk through imposing weapons such as different sizes of canions. The ship has 30 of them.

Tourist attractions

Despite all these places, the offer of museums, zoos, aquariums and gardens is truly numerous. The biggest and most visited is the Museum of Natural Science due to it enormous variety of exhibitions, including the “South terror”, the only, complete and original acrocantosaurus skeleton in the world. Furthermore, you can find other museums such as the Cherokee Indian, Old Salem or Smoky Mountain Trains. What is more, other attractions like the zoo, where you can find more than 1600 animals and more than 52000 plants. The aquarium is also worth to be visited because it is divided into 4, so you can see different marine animals in their natural habitat. Lastly, if you are a nature fan you must visit the Arboretum, the Grandfather Mountain, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Fontana Lake, Sarah P. Duke Gardens or the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. You will definitely fall in love with each of these places since they have the best of the North Carolina nature.

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