Retirement can be so relaxing for those who have prepared it well. So, you should set your retirement earlier and enjoy it at the right time. For example, living in St Maarten is one of the retirement goals for some people. They decide to live in this area when they retire because of so many reasons.

Relaxing View and Weather

St. Maarten is perfect for retirement because of its comfortable temperature and extremely beautiful scenery. Imagine that you are living in warm sunlight, along with a soft breeze. The temperature seems to trigger you to go outside and enjoy the surroundings.

Plus, there are beautiful beaches you can explore. It is also a good place for you to go sailing, windsurfing, diving, or snorkeling anytime you want. This area is also perfect for those who love hiking and biking due to the islands.

Living Cost

As a retiree, the living cost can be a problem. You don’t have to think about it when living in St Maarten. Low living cost is another reason why some people want to retire and spend their life in St Maarten. Thanks to the tax-free jurisdiction rule that makes retirees can keep more money in their pockets. As a result, you can easily manage your fixed budget and control your expenses. The infrastructure also supports retirees. Imagine that you can go outside without a car or even a driver’s license.

Friendly Locals

Adapting to a new area is one of the issues for retirees. It can be one of the reasons why some retirees don’t want to move from their old town, although they are uncomfortable anymore with it. The case is different when retirees move to St Maarten.

Locals in this area are so friendly and welcoming to new people. The atmosphere feels like you meet your family once you talk to the locals. They even love to share something with newcomers, especially culture and history.

Good Healthcare System

Healthcare service is something the retirees need. Living in an area with a good healthcare system is a privilege for retirees. Speaking of a place with a good health system, St Maarten is one of the options. Despite its small size, this island has modern and well-equipped hospitals and private clinics.

The hospitals are also supported by excellent doctors, specialists, and nurses. People can come anytime, especially in urgent conditions because the hospitals are open 24/7. They are ready to handle a variety of medical services, including regular medical checkups and major surgical procedures.

Living in St Maarten can be your new dream for retirement after reading this explanation. You can prepare everything from now on and enjoy your retirement life.

Posted by Dwayne K. Kelley

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