Dreaming of exploring a desert? Why walk or drive when you can ride a camel? A camel will give you a leisurely ride as you sit on its back while it sways back and forth.
There’s no better place to take one of your many camel tours but in Morocco. Not only are the camel trips abundant, they are also exciting and unforgettable. camel tours Morocco can last from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on your itinerary.
Don’t worry – the long trip is definitely worth it. Seeing Morocco’s perfectly preserved landscape and savoring the culture of desert dwellers will take your exhaustion away. Here are some great camel tours you might want to try.

Camel ride in the palm grove of Marrakech

If you want to take quick refuge from busy urban streets, we highly recommend you go on a Marrakech camel ride ! The tour takes place in the palmeraie or palm grove. This vast land area has approximately 100,000 palm trees that were planted way back in the 11th and 12th century. The trees serve as a source of income for Marrakech, being a good source for dates and wood.
Lo and behold, the palm grove is also known for its mystical atmosphere. Prepare to be amazed by how well the buildings blend into the landscape. Once you get here, have a nice cup of tea in one of the luxurious hotels in the area to savor in the stunning view.

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Marrakech camel ride in Agafay desert

Those who are following a hectic schedule but still desire to see some sand dunes will find the Agafay desert as a great option. You don’t have to travel all the way down to the south just to see the border between Morocco and the Western Sahara. The Agafay desert becomes alive during spring when the wildflowers start to bloom.
Going on a tour of this paradise isn’t a piece of cake. You will be challenged to conquer sand dunes, rocky buttes, and hidden canyons. Worry not as a reward for completing this feat, you will have a rare opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of Atlas Mountains at the back.

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Camel treks in Zagora dune

The Zagora dunes are also known as the Tinfou Dunes. The sand dunes here are relatively fewer as compared to Merzouga desert. If your itinerary can only allot a short amount of time in Morocco but you still want to see a small part of the Sahara desert, then make sure to visit this place.
Bring some food and have a picnic while waiting for the beautiful sunset. You might want to try spending the night in tents and even get to know the locals that live here. Try sharing a meal with them and have a taste of their simple yet savory dishes. If you’re lucky, you can also get the unique experience of dealing with a sandstorm.

Whenever you’re ready to explore the Zagora dunes, book a camel tour with us!

Camel rides in Merzouga

Merzouga is a tiny village in the southeastern portion of Morocco. It is situated 35 kms from Risanni and 55 kms from Erfoud. It is widely popular for its proximity to the Erg Chebbi, a wide and flat area of desert that has been covered with sand swept by the wind.
According to legends, the Erg Chebbi was formed after God was offended by a family who refused to be hospitable to a poor mother and her son. He buried them under the mounds of sand. The Erg Chebbi has minimal vegetative cover. It is normally a part of the itineraries of tourists going to Morocco. It also has the biggest natural underground body of water in the country.
You can find the Dayet Srji at the western portion of Merzouga. It is a salt lake that is usually dry during summer. Several desert and migratory birds like flamingos, desert warblers, and Egyptian nightjars visit it when it’s full.

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Marrakech to fez camel trek should be on top of your bucket list. With many exciting activities waiting for you, you’ll never run out of things to do in our beautiful country. Ready to join a desert adventure? Call us today and we’ll be glad to show you the best spots Morocco has to offer!


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