Whenever someone mentions Florida, chances are the first thing that comes to mind are beautiful beaches. And yes, Florida has a lot of beaches which are worth visiting when you get a chance. However, if you’ve already been to Florida or have vacations to beaches fairly often, you can get bored of them. Fortunately, Florida has many lesser-known places which are just as breathtaking as the beaches. For your convenience, we have put together a list of hidden gems in Florida that will take your breath away. Keep these spots in mind the next time you’re planning a vacation.

Tree Tops Park, Broward County

The last thing people expect to find in Florida is a park located in a lush forest. And yet, Tree Tops Park is just that, with hiking trails, fishing and boating and three playgrounds to keep visitors and their children entertained. The ancient trees in the park make for beautiful scenery, especially from the watch tower which is available to visitors. All in all, if you’re looking for a relaxed but still exotic vacation, you can’t go wrong with Tree Tops Park. The feeling of walking through a fairy tale forest mixed with an exotic jungle is what earns Tree Tops Park its place on the list of hidden gems in Florida. However, remember that travel pre and post internet is quite different, and plan your trip properly.

Quiet and beautiful, Tree Tops Park is the perfect spot to go on a picnic.

two men preparing picnic

Barefoot Beach, Bonita Springs

It wouldn’t be a list of places in Florida if there wasn’t at least one beach on it. However, unlike other beaches around the state, which are close to cities and constantly full of tourists, Barefoot Beach is a beautiful, natural spot which is completely unspoiled by civilization. As such, this is the perfect location to visit if you want to get away from civilization for a while and just relax. The beach is expansive and the waters are shallow, which also makes it perfect for children. A lot of people tend to move to Florida because of its beauty, and Barefoot Beach is definitely one of the places which can convince you to do the same. However, if you decide to stay here in Florida, make sure you are well informed before you make the move.

Pigeon Key, Florida Keys

If you’ve ever been to Key West, chances are you’ve driven right past this island without giving it much thought. And it’s true: compared to the others islands here, it doesn’t look like much. However, Pigeon Key has a lot of history on display for visitors to explore. Originally, it housed workers for Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railroad, which connects Miami to Key West. Today, it’s maintained by a non-profit organization called the Pigeon Key Foundation, and it offers a closer look at the history of the Florida Keys as a whole. So, if you’re interested in history, this is the perfect place to visit. However, knowing the best time to visit the Florida Keys can be difficult, so remember to plan ahead properly before making the trip here.

While not the most impressive of the Florida Keys, Pigeon Key has a lot of history to offer to visitors.

aerial view of island

Devil’s Den, Williston

While the name sounds ominous, Devil’s Den is one of the hidden gems in Florida which is worth the visit. Devil’s Den is an underground spring, and is considered one of Florida’s most beautiful natural wonders. However, we should note that only snorkelers and scuba divers are allowed in here, so it’s not as easily accessible. This makes it a great opportunity to learn something new while also experiencing one of Florida’s most hidden spots. Regardless if you are a newbie scuba diver or snorkeler, or if you’re a pro, Devil’s Den is worth visiting at least once. Additionally, experts from Miami Movers for Less note that places like Devil’s Den are some of the bigger reasons why people are moving to Florida. However, they also warn that you should think about everything before committing to a move.

Eden Garden State Park, Santa Rosa Beach

When it comes to appreciating nature, you can’t go wrong with a good state park. The Eden Garden State Park is a 163-acre park of beautiful gardens, all shaded by pine, cypress and oak trees. In addition, the park houses an 1897 mansion which is full of history. All in all, the park has a lot to offer for both enjoyers of history and natural beauty. Also, if vacations are just what the doctor ordered, going to a beautiful state park to relax is perfect. It’s hard to top relaxing in a garden when you want to destress, and the Eden Garden State Park has plenty of them to offer for all of its visitors. And to top it all off, the park is a lesser-known location. This means that you won’t have to deal with a lot of other tourists here.

If relaxing in a garden sounds good, you can’t go wrong with visiting Eden Garden State Park.

garden with blooming plants

Dinosaur World, Plant City

Are you or your children interested in dinosaurs? Well, then you’d be glad to know that Florida has a park entirely dedicated to dinosaurs. Plant City’s Dinosaur World features over 200 lifelike statues, and a lot of educational and fun activities for children. This is what makes this location one of the best family vacation spots in all of Florida. While this hidden gem is definitely niche, it’s a visit that you and your family won’t forget. And to make it even better, the park is much less crowded and a lot less expensive than pretty much any other, more popular park in Florida. So, if you need a spot to visit with family (or on your own), consider planning a trip to Dinosaur World.

Hidden gems in Florida that will take your breath away – closing thoughts

Usually, when Florida is mentioned, people only think about beaches and large cities. However, there are plenty of less popular spots all over the state which make for fun and unforgettable vacations. All you really need to know is where to look, and you will find that Florida has much more than just beaches to offer. We hope this list of hidden gems in Florida that will take your breath away helps you have a great vacation, and we wish you a wonderful rest of your day.

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