Safari in the desert of Dubai is truly a world-renowned activity where magnificent landscapes give a pleasant experience to all visitors. Spend a night under the bright stars in the Arabian desert gives you a truly fascinating enjoyment with many activities such as camel rides, safaris, quads and attacks to the dunes. The excitement begins from the first moment you enter the desert and enjoy the welcome drinks upon arrival that are given to visitors. Exciting activities in the desert keep your heart pumping all day long. Desert safari is located a step away from the magnificent city, where sandy beaches and exciting activities amuse nature lovers. The main highlights of the safari are the dance shows, the sunsets, the henna tattoos and the barbecue dinner. This is the only safari that presents the views of sunset and sunrise that lead you to enjoy an experience that never fades. The changes of tonalities of the sun and the live dance shows in the desert that take place near the bonfire fill you with pleasure. An opportunity to enjoy photography in the spectacular scenery to make the moment vital for a lifetime in desert safari at night.

Traditional and cultural activities in the golden sand ensure endless fun under the stars and near the bonfire. The camping cabins are organized to spend the night in the desert, which is beautifully decorated with cushions and rugs. To sink it into delight, the night safari is really the best where sleeping bags and blankets are also provided to visitors. Start your trip on the land cruise to enjoy the sumptuous food, traditional performances and attacks on the dunes. Clinging to the spectacular landscape in the golden sand of the desert offers a unique experience with photographic opportunities, Arabic drinks, barbecue dinner and lots of fun that will surely cheer up your mood. A magnificent place that takes you to lose yourself in the incredible fun and excitement with a great variety of Flora and Fauna of Arabian Adventures

Activities during the safari during the night

Dune Bashing, Quad Biking And Camel Riding:

A pleasant experience to enjoy the impressive dunes in the desert where the enjoyment begins from the first moment. Glide up and down on the golden sand, which is the most exciting activity. Exciting activity should be avoided by people who have back pain.

Quad Biking is the exciting activity that lovers of adventure like. Riding a bike on the golden sand of the desert really gives you an exciting experience, An exciting experience of walking in the sand when sitting on the back of the camels that are called the desert boat. The impressive activity takes the pilot to explore the fun in the vip morning desert safari dubai.

Belly Dance Tanoura dance:

Belly Dance is a dance of western style that is interpreted by the dancers. The popular Belly Dance provides a pleasant and memorable experience to the riders. Tanoura dance is a traditional folk dance of the Arabian desert that is performed by men with colorful skirts. In this dance, a senior dancer performs in the middle that looks like a moon and young people dance around the main dancer.

Shisha Pipe And Barbecue dinner:

Savor the flavored shisha pipe for the incredible experience during the desert safari. Try the delicious BBQ dinner that is organized for you during the Dubai Desert Safari. Enjoy Arabic dishes with live dance performances under the stars.

Henna Tattoo: The henna tattoo is the popular activity of the desert that offers an incredible experience to enjoy in Dubai. The henna tattoo is available at most spa centers and shopping centers in Dubai, but it contains high fees. Safari in the desert is the best place to enjoy the affordable henna tattoo.

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Sunrise and sunset view Photography and Falconry show:

during the night safari, the best opportunity for nature lovers to enjoy the incredible views of sunset and sunrise. Observe the golden sand of the desert with changing shades. In the morning, enjoy the hot air balloon flights that are organized very early to give the exciting experience to lean on the golden sand. Its an opportunity to enjoy photography in the spectacular desert landscape in traditional Arab costumes with a hawk in his arms. Hawks are the main birds of the UAE and this desert safari takes you to observe the hawks, observe their habitats, their activities and their prey of Dubai Adventures

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