While you might well be strangers in a strange land there is one thing that unites all stag parties, and that is the search for epic adventures of daring do and non-stop laughs. To narrow your search down here are some fantastic and popular stag do activities in UK & Europe which between them offer a huge range of weird, wonderful and ruddy hilarious stag activities with a distinctly European flavour.

Prague – Czech

It’s simply not possible to have a Prague stag weekend and not have one of the best weekends of your life. Seriously, if you don’t have an epic weekend in Prague you need to check your pulse.

Take what are possibly the worst cars of all time and hit the road Jack on a fantastic stag tour. These bright coloured cars are great fun to drive stick out like a nun at a lap dance club which just adds to the adventure.

Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona stag weekends are the best mix of epic challenges, huge sports, craziest nights out and stunning weather. Footballs, beach balls, golf balls, paintballs it’s got it all!

If the groom harbours footballing dreams but is never likely to appear at the Nou Camp then a game of Bubble Football could be the next best thing. Alternatively you might rub shoulders with the Barca player’s who surprisingly are massive fans of the local Go Kart track (One of the best in Europe) and have hired it out on several occasions.

Dublin – Republic of Ireland

Enjoy the world’s greatest party city. You really don’t know what partying is until you’ve “been there, Dublined that”. Enjoy the legendary party atmosphere in ‘the friendliest city in the world’!

Dublin is a sports mad city and sports mad stags can liven up their weekend with a game of Bubble Football. It’s like a footballing Riverdance as you can’t move your arms, just with added carnage. But if you want even more intense competition try the Gaelic Games. It’s a true test of every stags sporting ability and bloody hilarious too.

Hamburg – Germany

Everything you need to know about Hamburg stag weekends is in that one sentence: “Mad, bad and hilarious to know!”

If you’re looking for stag adventures in Hamburg then there are some fast paced options. However in this beer loving city there are also some great stag laughs to be had at a slower pace while enjoying Hamburg’s amber nectar. A River Cruise is a great way to toast the condemned man groom. Alternatively you can do a little sightseeing while taking the pub with you on a Beer Bike.

Amsterdam – Netherlands

Amsterdam is the daddy of all stag destinations. Make your Amsterdam stag weekend the stuff of legend with the help of our party specialists.

Amsterdam is overflowing with epic stag activities. A superb Go Kart track is definitely worth a mention but for all out laughs and a bit of sight-seeing you simply can’t beat the genius that is the Beer Bike.

We have so many great stag packages aborad to choose from you will be sure to find something perfectly suited to your group and in particular the blushing groom. High action sports, beach games and relaxation, bar crawls and booze cruises. Let’s travel with us now!

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