The pandemic situation is getting better these days. It is time for you to plan for your vacation. Now, if you want to get the best place to escape from your stressful daily routine, Malta is a perfect choice. Visit to find out more about it. However, before you book the trip to Malta from that website, you should know several things before traveling to this beautiful paradise.


You don’t want to have health problems during your trip. But, for safety, you need to know the healthcare in Malta, in case you need help. For this one, you can call 112 whenever you need help. As for the hospital, there are two government hospitals you can rely on, which are Mater Dei and Gozo General Hospital. If you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you can get free treatment.

Safety and Security

Malta is one of the safest places in Europe. So, you don’t need to worry about exploring this city at night. Just be aware of crowded areas. Sometimes, you have to deal with pickpockets and theft. So, keep your belongings in the right place, and you are ready to go.


If you go to Malta, you can only use Euros for cash transactions. However, Malta also accepts various credit cards as payment. Or, if you have a debit card with the Cirrus logo, you can also use it to pay for the transaction.

The Weather

In general, Malta is sunny and dry. So, bring and use sun lotion, especially for summer. You only need to be extra careful when you travel between September and November. That is the rainy season. Heavy rain during those months is not rare.

Beautiful Beaches and Sea

Malta is home to many beautiful beaches. So, you should put them on the top list of your destination. Be careful when you go to the beach in July or August. That is the busiest period and the most crowded season. You can do many things at Malta beaches. Sunbathing, swimming or other activities are available for you to try.


Now, you are ready to travel to Malta. Do not forget to prepare your camera, because there are many places you need to capture and share with your friends. Last but not least, you only need to visit and get the best package for your trip. Guaranteed, you will get the best traveling experience in your life.

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