Visiting world’s first Ferrari desert safari marked amusement park may seem like a blessing from heaven to many. Indeed, the uplifting news is present with a Ferrari World Ticket; you get the chance to encounter the enthusiastic soul of the unbelievable racing marquee.

Record-breaking rides

Get the opportunity to encounter unique rides, for example, the world’s speediest thrill ride that can shoot you to 240Km/h in only 4.9 seconds for sheer fun. The rides are on the whole extraordinary running from quiet to the craziest, for example, the world’s quickest rollercoaster and the record-breaking most astounding circle liner.

Best in class Simulators

Ride over the fantastic scene in a multisensory test system that floats you high finished mountains, towns, urban communities and vineyards of the world’s most wonderful areas and home to the most excellent cars.

Immersive family inviting attractions

There are distinctive Ferrari car desert safari models both old and new to devour your eyes on and in addition learn. There is additionally an assortment of rides including a Ferrari F1 and recreations suited for each age and taste. It’s great to take note of that children likewise have an opportunity to take exercises in a lesser preparing camp for driving the amazing machine which is entirely noteworthy.


In the event that the rides don’t characterize your kind of fun, at least shopping a portion of the cool blessing store shops will. Looking for the most recent design or trinket from the Ferrari desert safari blessing stores will not hurt.


This is presumably the other intriguing piece about Ferrari World to general colleagues. Enjoy your taste buds in the outlandish Ferrari marked extravagant eateries

Supportive Tips

  • Purchase your Ferrari World tickets ahead of time to keep away from long lines at the park
  • Take the full favourable position of the Italian motivated sceneries to catch awesome photographs
  • Hustling trucks don’t permit kids under 150cm tall
  • The whole park is inside and cooled henceforth no compelling reason to stress over high temperatures.
  • Sustenance and beverages are not permitted into the park and an intensive checkups is done at the door.
  • The park has a tendency to be extremely swarmed so it’s fitting to visit right on time amid the opening time and remain until shutting time in light of the fact that these two times are the slightest occupied and minimum swarmed.

Ferrari world desert safari is excellent, must visit park paying little heed to whether you’re an admirer of cars or not. There’s perpetual amusing to be a piece of, also you turn into a legend in your own particular style by visiting the park with Ferrari World Tickets. Book your ticket online at and have it affirmed in a split second.

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