Organizing a summer vacation in a trendy destination is always exciting. Most people prefer to visit areas that are located near oceans or seas as let’s face it – nothing can compare to enjoying the sun yet being able to dive into refreshing waters and explore the underwater world. No matter if you’re traveling with the family, you’re organizing a trip with your friends, or you’re sharing a romantic vacation with your loved one, planning what types of activities to engage in is always a good idea.

In this article, we’ll share with you four fun activities that you can embrace to turn your summer vacation into a real adventure.

Diving with bull sharks

At the top of our list is an activity that is suitable for adventure seekers who are not afraid to dive into the deep and swim with sharks. Diving with bull sharks is perhaps one of the most exciting ways to explore the underwater world and create a memory for a lifetime. Bull shark scuba diving is extremely safe and you don’t have to worry about taking any unnecessary risks. You may need to be a certified diver to take part in this journey so it’s worth doing your research in advance. You may discover a new hobby once you try this activity for the first time.

Exploring cenotes

Another underwater adventure you can embark upon is exploring cenotes or natural sinkholes that were formed from limestone bedrock. Cenote comes from the Mayan “dzonot”, which means “cave with water”. You can get a high dose of adrenaline by cenote scuba diving in Tulum, Mexico. Again, you may need to have previous experience scuba diving so if you’re into trying this type of activity, you may need to prepare by becoming a certified diver first. One thing is certain – you won’t regret it!


Moving on to a more casual form of activity, which is perfect for your summer nights while on vacation – stargazing. The summer nights are warm and pleasant and open up opportunities for a range of different night activities. One of the things you can do with your friends is organizing a stargazing session at the beach and create a camp where you can enjoy the sound of the waters around you, feel the warm breeze, and watch the stars. You can make the experience even more memorable by taking a telescope with you and exploring the skies above you in more detail.

Boat trip

Perhaps one of the most popular summer activities that we think of when talking about beach vacations is a boat or a yacht trip. The experience is unforgettable and can be either luxurious or adventurous, depending on your preferences. A great idea to spend your time near the sea or the ocean is to prepare a tasty meal and share with friends and loved ones on a boat while passing by beautiful scenery and enjoying the sunset in the evening. Share a glass of wine or champagne, take loads of photos, and create a day to remember.

Your next summer vacation could easily turn into the adventure of a lifetime. It all depends on your taste, hobbies, and preferences. Don’t be afraid to try something new and embrace the opportunities that summer brings.

Posted by Dwayne K. Kelley

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